Search for a species

Searching for a species is quick and easy!

  1. Create your query in the filters section [A]. There is no need to press enter, as soon as you begin typing or selecting items from the drop-downs, results which match your query will be returned in the results table [B].
  2. Browse the species which matched your query using the page browser control located beneath the results table [B].
  3. You make as many alterations to your query as you wish and the system will continue to retrieve updated results in the results table [B].
  4. Once you find a species that interests you, click on the species name and you will be taken to the species's metadata page. Please see the View a species section for a detailed explanation of the species metadata page

You may search for a species using either it's scientific name or it's common name, i.e. Fallopia japonica / Japanese Knotweed. Partial names are also acceptable, as soon as you begin typing the system will attempt to match your input to species in the dictionary.