View a survey

Once you've found a survey that interests you, you can view and examine the species and records it contains.

  1. Firstly click on the survey name in the survey browser results table [B].
  2. You will now arrive at the selected survey's metadata page. On this page you can examine all the maps, meta-data ("information about the survey") and statistics related to your selected survey.
  3. There are a number of distinct sections on the survey metadata page. A brief outline of the functions of each is outlined below.

Survey Detail

The Survey detail section shows the maps and meta-data for your selected survey. Some examples of the information which can be viewed are as follows.

  1. Statistics including the number of species/records in the selected survey.
  2. Temporal data including the temporal range of records on file for the selected survey.
  3. Data quality information providing an indicative guide on the quality of the data contained within the survey.


The statistics section shows statistics relating to the selected survey i.e. total number of records, species and samples.


  1. 10km2 and 50km2 distribution maps are shown for the selected survey.
    • Click Download to download the distribution map in multiple formats or for instructions on how to embed the map in your own website.
    • Click Live map to map navigate to the live mapping page preloaded with the selected survey.


The charts section shows various charts relating to your selected survey.

  1. The Records per year chart shows a breakdown of the number of records per year for the selected survey.
  2. The Species per year chart shows a breakdown of the number of species per year for the selected survey.