Biodiversity Data Capture

Welcome to the Biodiversity Data Capture mobile application help documentation site. Biodiversity Data Capture is a mobile application for Android & iOS devices which allows for mobile recording of species observations in the field and the subsequent submission of those observations to Ireland's Citizen Science Portal. Throughout this site you can find overviews, tutorials and videos detailing the usage of all aspects of Biodiversity Data Capture.

Upon first opening the app you will arrive at the home screen. The home screen consists of the following main areas :

  1. [A] : Clicking on the help button will bring you to this documentation site.
  2. [B] : The Capture New button will begin the recording process and bring you to the recording form where you can begin to record your species observations.
  3. [C] : Any species observations which have not yet been uploaded will be visible in this section. Observations can be deleted by clicking on the red dustbin icon or edited by clicking on the pencil icon.
  4. [D] : Clicking on the Upload All button will immediately upload all of your observations to Ireland's Citizen Science Portal.

    Your device must have connectivity to the internet in order for the upload process to succeed. If your device cannot connect to the internet, the record upload will not proceed.

  5. [E] : Clicking on the Delete All button will begin the process of deleting all species observations which have not yet been uploaded.

    Warning, after clikcing Delete All you will be given a second chance to confirm your selection. If you again confirm that you wish to delete all records then all non-uploaded records will be permanently removed from your device. This action cannot be undone.

  6. [F] : Android Devices Only - Clicking on the Settings link which is accessed by clicking the three vertical dots [F] will bring you to an additional menu screen where you can set your default user name and email address. iOS devices do not have this menu screen but will instead set the user details automatically after the first record is entered.

    Depending on your device manufacturer Biodiversity Data Capture requires at least Android(5.1) or iOS(10.3).

Home screen